The Windows system firewall is very easy to perform basic tasks, so the need for third-party firewalls is drastically reduced. Buying a paid program seems absolutely not a logical solution when there is free protection already provided in the system. Comodo Firewall 10 is a completely free program that can do much more than the standard Windows firewall.

Common features with Comodo Antivirus

Many of the features of this solution can also be seen in Comodo Antivirus 10. Both products of this company stand out for their beautiful interface with 2 themes. The main window includes a huge status bar on the left and 4 button bars on the right. Users of previous versions of Comodo may like the Modern theme and the standard Classic theme. There are 2 viewing modes: “General summary” and “Detailed summary”. In the latter mode, the program displays more statistics and quick access actions.

Although the company’s 2 solutions are distributed free of charge, they promote and offer their paid services to everyone. If you can’t study all the screens of the installation wizard with great attention, the home page of the Internet browser and search engine will change to Yandex by default. In addition, from time to time, messages will be displayed that offer technical support from the GeekBuddy site.

This firewall does not have an antivirus, but it provides a file reputation system that accesses the Comodo cloud when you need to access files. If a virus or potentially unwanted SOFTWARE is detected, Comodo will be able to complete the process and display a notification, as well as offer GeekBuddy services.

Content filter

Various antivirus programs include useful web protection components that prevent infected and fraudulent web resources from being visited. Comodo Antivirus does not have this functionality. But the firewall includes a tool for cleaning sites.

Copes with his duty

This application will be able to perform all the tasks of an individual firewall. The program easily switches all system ports to masking mode to protect against any external attacks, prevents unauthorized use of network connection by unwanted software, and additionally offers HIPS, automatic sandbox, file rating, and many other features. However, many different functions can be called very complex for a simple user and they are not related to the tasks of the firewall.

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