Your special people deserve special care, so if you are planning to congratulate them, be sure you prepared unique gifts. You just can’t go wrong with a fabulous bouquet of fresh botanicals, but what if you don’t know a person very well and still want to send her flowers? Is it appropriate? In some cases, it is.

Or imagine your friend has moved to another district and you don’t have his address. What would you do in this case? Of course, you can always ask a person about his or her address, but it may sound suspiciously or even weird. Here is where flower delivery services come to help. Let’s find out how it works.

Can you send flowers if you don’t know the exact address?

Luckily, the answer to that question is yes. It is possible to book flower delivery without this information. However, there are just several things you should remember.

  1. If you do not know the full and exact delivery address, you should communicate with the managers to give them the information you have.
  2. Then they will contact the potential recipient to figure out the full address and set up the date and time of the delivery.
  3. In some cases, such type of deliveries isn’t available as it is impossible to contact that person.

Not all flower delivery companies offer the option of delivery without the exact address, so you should be careful before ordering it. Do your own research, including checking ziedu piegade Riga to find a florist that will work the best for you.

Make the lives of your loved ones a bit brighter with flowers.



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