To become a good trader, one has to devote lots of time and attention to this business, learn new things, and create a trading plan. It’s important to keep one’s hand on the pulse and take into account the impact of news and trends on the exchange market. Yet, some more rules are likely to increase income and bring better trading results.

Three rules to start using now

  1. Pick a reliable broker. For example, take a look at the AvaTrade review and find out if this site meets all your needs. Look at some other solutions and compare things like fees, spreads, security protocols, trading platforms, customer support, etc.
  2. Be ready to trade. Some brokers, like AvaTrade, offer free demo accounts. They let a user trade virtual money without real financial risk. It’s the best choice for beginners. Once a user adds $100 to the account, it turns real and one can start making money. On the other hand, a trader can also read the relevant literature, watch webinars and get ready for trading using other knowledge databases.

Practice regularly. The more experience you’ve got the better trading deals you’ll make. Regular trading also helps improve the trading plan. In case you are short on the budget, you may greatly benefit from the demo account we’ve discussed above. Regardless of the account type, more experience is sure to make you a better trader.

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