The creative economy is a reality that has already occurred in developed countries and is gradually coming to rest. Everyone who wants to live happily in the new conditions must fit into this economy, become a part of it, become a creative class. Who does not want to live sweetly in principle can live in the old way, can live the way they used to do it.

Life will not be as sweet and interesting as it could be, but it will be. There is no doubt about this, because now farmers and farmers somehow get along with workers and employees, and Industrialists somehow get along with representatives of the information sector. Representatives of the creative class and everyone else will get along in the same way.

The concept of the creative economy

The creative economy is an economy of ideas, an economy where the main, most valuable and most expensive product is ideas. In such an economy, you can only make a lot of money on ideas. The lack of new high – quality ideas is the main reason for the current global crisis. All advanced businessmen know about this and they want to solve this problem.

The creative economy is typical of developed countries. This is where representatives of the creative class are now mostly concentrated. In General, the essence of the creative economy is that the only product that represents value is the creative, or in other words, a new idea. For example, a new Apple iPhone model or a new Samsung Galaxy model.

In a creative economy, no one needs the old, in such an economy, everyone needs only innovation and only for innovation people are willing to pay, and pay well. Innovation in the creative economy is a deficit, and where there is a deficit, there are high prices. Representatives of the creative economy are the creative class that creates new ideas.

Creative economy and its essence

Representatives of the creative economy are all those who know how to create creative products and, most importantly, promote them. All the rest is the infrastructure of this economy, which does not produce profit, just like any other infrastructure. It is of course necessary, but it does not make a profit. The creative class needs it, which is ready to pay for its maintenance.

In a creative economy, the creative class is responsible for supporting everyone else. The creative economy is an established reality. the situation described here will not be typical for the distant future, but it is already present in many markets. Most markets already have owners who guard them carefully.

Development of the creative economy

Trying to steal other people’s customers from other markets is not the only way to earn money. You can go another way. It consists of entering into a symbiosis with the creative class. In other words, you need to find a representative of the creative class and provide them with your company as an infrastructure for creating creative products.

The essence of this symbiosis is that the main asset of a creative business is a set of people with an embedded idea that is promoted by the creative. But in order to implement this idea, we need specific products and services. In other words, the creative needs businessmen from other formations that produce goods and services.

In a creative economy, the market is managed by the creative, not the producer of goods or services, and can dictate terms accordingly. Accordingly, the task of businessmen of other formations is to organize their business so that it meets the requirements of the creative. If this condition is met, there is a good chance of symbiosis.

Creative economy as a reality

The symbiosis is beneficial to both sides. The advantage of symbiosis for creatives is that they do not have to create and maintain the infrastructure to organize the production of goods or services for their markets. Industrialists and representatives of other economic formations benefit from the symbiosis in that they receive guaranteed sales of their goods and services.

Examples of the symbiosis of creatives with businessmen from other formations are already available. One of the ways to establish a symbiosis is outsourcing. Especially often, creatives enter into a symbiosis with Chinese Industrialists, who can offer very good conditions for cooperation. In fact, China has bet on a symbiosis with creatives.

The symbiosis in this case is that creatives introduce new ideas, create new markets based on them and manage them, and Chinese companies produce products that correspond to certain ideas, and therefore to certain needs and needs. Chinese companies do very well, so many creatives choose them.

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